Where can I pay my utility bill?

There is a drop box located at the Administration Building, 340 West Bayfront Parkway and one at our 12th & Myrtle facility, 240 West 12th Street. Checks can be mailed to EWW’s lockbox provider at P.O. Box 4170, Woburn, MA 01888-4170. Pay through our website’s client portal or by phone at 1-855-907-3211. Customers can also enjoy hassle-free bill paying by registering for auto-pay.

Why was my bill estimated if I have Automatic Reading and Billing (ARB)?

Several conditions may be the cause of an estimated bill. Except for scheduling conflicts, meter repairs, if necessary, are made within the next billing period. Following is a list of the most common reasons for estimated bills:

  • Broken or disconnected wire
  • Bad signal from the meter register
  • Read unit not accessible
  • The meter stopped working

Is fluoride added to our drinking water?

Yes, the Erie Water Works adds fluoride in the recommended quantity based on U.S. Department of Health; Human Services (HHS), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the PA Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) standards and guidelines. Please refer to the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information, or consult with your dentist and/or physician.

Can I fish off the sidewalk from the back of the Administration Building?

The area around the Water Works Administration Offices is completely accessible to the public. Fishing, sightseeing, lunching, or just relaxing by Presque Isle Bay is welcomed. Benches and picnic tables are available for your comfort. If you choose to use this area we only ask that you pick up after yourself. For security reasons, access to this area is permitted only during the hours of 7:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. On Weekends and Holidays, this area is closed to the public.

If I’ve never been late paying my bill, why did I get a notice this time?

The notification process for delinquent accounts is the same for all customers. All accounts showing an overdue bill are sent a notice on the thirty-first calendar day from the date the bill is mailed as a courtesy reminder that the bill should be paid.

Why do I have to pay cash for a turn-off notice if I’ve never had a bad check?

Only customers that have been posted for a delinquent account are asked to pay with cash, cashiers check, or money order. This guarantees that the payment is made and that there is no need to re-post the property if the check could not be cashed because of insufficient funds.

Why do I have to be home when you turn the water back on when I don’t have to be there when you turn it off?

Customers are asked to be at home when the water is turned back on to assure full service is restored and pressure is good. Also, a faucet may have accidentally been left on; therefore someone needs to be there to assist with problems.

Explain the Customer Service charge.

A Customer Service charge is added to your water bill if your water is metered. This is a quarterly fee that covers the cost of meter reading, meter maintenance, calculating and mailing bills, and collecting and processing payments. It also covers the costs related to system maintenance and delivery of water to your home and business.

Why can’t the bill be put into my tenant’s name and responsibility?

At the written request of the property owner the bill can be placed in the tenant’s name. However, the owner will receive a third party notification on the account status. This is done because the ultimate responsibility for the bill rests with the property owner.

How do I know if I have a leak?

If you are currently on metered billing the easiest way to find out if there is a leak somewhere in your home is to check your water meter. Some meters have a leak indicator on the dial face. This indicator resembles a small propeller and if it is turning, even very slowly, the meter is recording water. Click on the link immediately below to view this type of meter and helpful tips on how to determine if you have a leak.

How to Determine if you have a Leak

The new Neptune R900i meters have a leak indicator light which can help the customer determine if a leak exists.  You will need a bright flashlight to activate the digital read out on the register.

Neptune R900i Leak Indicator

Are there sprinkling regulations for EWW Customers?

For customers of The Erie Water Works, there are no water restrictions of any kind in effect or anticipated. The EWW has sufficient pumping, storage, and distribution capacity to provide all the water needs for all EWW customers. EWW customers may use all the water they want, but are encouraged to use it wisely. The EWW serves the City of Erie, Lawrence Park Township, Wesleyville Borough, Harborcreek Township, Millcreek Township, McKean Township, McKean Borough, and portions of Summit and Greene Townships.