The Lancaster Tank Available for Use for all your Bulk Water Needs

The Lancaster Tank Bulk Water Fill Station is a convenient means of obtaining large quantities of affordable water in a safe and controlled manner that does not negatively impact the water distribution system or customers of the Erie Water Works (EWW). At $5.27 per 1,000 gallons, our bulk rate is extremely attractive and affordable, can be accessed just off of Lancaster Road by the Grandview Elementary School (see map below), and is available for use any time of the year, day or night. Please review our Bulk Water Fill Station FAQs below for more information and the attached Bulk Fill Station Promo Material.

Who Should Take Advantage of this Opportunity?

Anyone who needs bulk water, such as:

  • Landscapers
  • Bulk Water Haulers
  • Contractors
  • Municipalities

What can the Bulk Water Fill Station be used for?

The station is used for obtaining large quantities of water quickly and safely. Permitted users Prepay for the water in any amount above $50 after registering through an online portal. The water is metered and dispensed at an efficient and controlled rate. The purchased water must be used within the Great Lakes Basin for the purposes of construction, landscaping, filling swimming pools, etc. Once the water is dispensed, it is the responsibility of the permitted user/buyer.

Where is the Bulk Water Fill Station Located?

The station is located just south of the Grandview Elementary School (4305 Lancaster Road) in Millcreek Township. The station is situated on the north side of the access driveway to the EWW’s Lancaster Water Storage Tank. Users can easily back into the driveway and be completely off of Lancsater Road in order to facilitate a safer exit from the site when the hauling vehicle is done filling.

When can I use the Bulk Water Fill Station?

365 days a year at any time of day or night, keeping in mind there are some residential neighbors and all parties involved must be courteous and mindful of that.

How Much will the Water Cost?

For 2023, the cost is $5.27 per 1,000 gallons. This bulk rate is extremely attractive and affordable; it’s just over a half cent per gallon!

How can I Register to Become a Permitted Bulk Water Fill Station User?

Registering to become a permitted user is quite simple, taking about fifteen minutes to input all necessary information to apply (registration link below). Once complete, EWW’s Customer Service Department will review your submission and notify you within three business days as to whether or not your application has been accepted. If accepted, you will be asked to provide a $50 minimum prepayment using cash or credit card. You must provide payment in person at EWW’s Administration Building, 340 West Bayfront Parkway, Erie, PA 16507.

Once complete, EWW will issue both a company specific Access Code and user specific Pin #. You will also be able to add ‘trucks’ and users once your account is set up and additional access is granted. Reports will be provided to track usage and costs for each transaction, though you can check online anytime. While users can obtain a printed receipt for each transaction, monthly summary emails will be sent automatically which detail every transaction made.

How do I Operate the Station?

Here is a list of basic equipment you will need:

  • 2″ male Camlock fitting to attach to existing female end
  • Appropriate hose (size, length, and type) to facilitate the transmission of dispensed water to the vessel to be filled
  • Vessel of known capacity to safely accept and transport the purchased water (which is potable at time of purchase)

Refer to our Keypad Walkthrough & Help Guide

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Will I still be able to Apply for a Fire Hydrant Use Permit?

The Lancaster Bulk Fill Station is the preferred location for obtaining bulk water within the EWW water distribution system

In cases where, for example, roadway or building construction is occurring and smaller quantities of water are needed, or traveling to the station is impractical, hydrant permits could be granted on a case by case basis. Applications must still be completed in person at EWW’s Administration Building located at 340 West Bayfront Parkway, Erie PA 16507. The construction site must be active for the hydrant permit to remain in place.

Please be aware that EWW has implemented a new Fire Hydrant Use Permit Application and associated fees. A summary of the changes are as follows:

  • A refundable equipment deposit is required in advance of installation by EWW. 3” meter / 2” backflow deposit is $1,000 – ¾” meter/backflow deposit is $300
  • A non-refundable set-up and installation fee of $125 must be paid prior to the hydrant meter and backflow being installed by EWW.
  • Water used will be charged at EWW’s current bulk rate plus a 5% administrative fee to cover program management. The 2023 bulk rate is $3.66/1 CCF (748 gallons)