Project Planning

New Construction or Renovating an Existing Facility                  (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional)

Follow the Project Planning Guide to ease the process of obtaining new water service for your project. Email to request a Water Availability Letter, submit a Water Availability Questionnaire and Design Plans, or to ask general questions.  You may also contact              Tamura Squire at (814) 870-8000 ext. 207 or Jessica Piano at ext. 205.

  • Project Planning Guide: PDF
    • Water Availability Questionnaire: PDF
    • Fire Hydrant Flow Test Request: PDF
    • Water Service Application – printable: PDF
    • Water Service Application – editable: DOC
    • Water Service Line Inspection Guidelines: PDF
    • Cross-Connection Control Survey: PDF
    • Fire Protection Cross-Control Control Survey: PDF
    • Water Service Details: Page Link
    • Erie Water Works Rates & Fees: Page Link

Development Projects (Water Main Extensions)

Follow the Developer’s Checklist. To begin the process, please submit a summarized description of your project to or contact Tamura Squire at (814) 870-8000 ext. 207 or Robert Duran ext. 209.

  • Developer’s Checklist: PDF