Using Water Wisely-Tips

Erie Water Works – Suggestions for Conserving Water and Reducing Your Water Bill


  • We’ve all heard the usual tips for turning off the water while brushing our teeth and while shaving and shortening our showers, these remain good water saving tips.
  • Always run the washing machine and dishwasher, only when full.
  • Install low flow faucet aerators, and shower heads.
  • Toilets are a source of much water loss. Put food coloring in your toilet tank and if the color appears in the bowl in five or ten minutes, your tank valve is leaking.  This continuous leak can add up to big money over a month of running water that you may be unaware of.
  • Most water meters are equipped with a small red triangle or “leak detector”. If you shut off the water to every device/faucet in your home and you still see this dial going around, even very slowly, it means you have a leak somewhere  in your home.


  • Water lawns and gardens for longer periods, but infrequently. Lawns and plants will be healthier if they are watered deep to the roots than if water is only applied to the surface.  More frequent watering allows a greater amount of the water to be lost to evaporation.  For that reason, it’s also better to water in early morning or late afternoon hours when the ground and air are cooler.
  • Google Xeriscape to learn about plants and gardening that requires less water.
  • Collect rain water in rain barrels to water plants.
  • Reduce lawn coverage by planting groundcovers. Groundcover plants can provide beautiful flowers and rarely need to be watered.
  • Use an on and off nozzle for washing the car and other outdoor uses, so that you don’t leave a hose running.
  • Use a broom to clean sidewalks and drives rather than a hose.

Follow these tips to save water and to save money.  Every gallon you conserve puts money back into your household budget.