System Expansion in Millcreek Township

We are proud to announce that on December 18, 2015 the ERIE WATER WORKS (EWW) became the sole provider of public water service to all Millcreek Township residents with the purchase of the MILLCREEK TOWNSHIP WATER AUTHORITY (MTWA). With the purchase of MTWA the Erie Water Works added approximately 7,500 direct customers bringing the total number of customers in Millcreek Township to approximately 18,000 and the total number of direct customers to more than 60,000 in eight municipalities in Erie County that include the City of Erie (34,600), Harborcreek (4,600), Lawrence Park Township (1,600), Wesleyville Borough (1,200), Summit Township (250), McKean Borough & Township (360), and Greene Township (9). Additionally, the EWW has bulk water agreements to provide water to Summit Township Water Authority and Fairview Township Water Authority. Attached is important information for ALL Millcreek Township residents. Click here for more information.