Sewer and Garbage Letter – City of Erie Customers Only

November 10, 2014

Dear Erie Water Works Customer:

The Erie Water Works and the City of Erie have been working very closely in a joint effort to address the issue of garbage collection fees. After a thorough evaluation of the problem, and the options available to resolve it, both parties agreed that combining the garbage bills with the sewer bills is the best way to collect these delinquent fees. (A letter similar to this one was included with your latest water bill).

Enclosed please find your combined sewer/garbage bill for the fourth quarter of 2014. This bill represents the amount due for sewer and garbage services provided by the City of Erie. On your bill you will notice the sewer charges continue to be based on your water consumption. Also on this bill, you will see the fourth quarter garbage collection fees. This remains a flat fee based on the number of living units included on this account. Any unpaid balances as of the date of this bill are included in the total amount due. This bill is due 20 days following its date of issuance. Please note, that by Ordinance of the City of Erie, any partial payments made on this account will be applied to any delinquent fees before any current fees can be paid.

If you currently participate in the direct debit payment program with the Erie Water Works, the payments will continue to be deducted from your account on their respective due dates. All other payment methods will remain unchanged.

If you have any questions regarding this new billing procedure, please feel free to contact the Erie Water Works Customer Service Department at 870-8000 ext. 71 at your convenience. Both the City of Erie and the Erie Water Works appreciate your patience and cooperation during this time of transition.



Paul D. Vojtek
Chief Executive Officer/ Chief Financial Officer


Download the letter: 2014-November-7-Garbage-and-Sewer-Bill-Notification-to-Customers