New bills for Water, Sewer and Garbage – City of Erie customers only.

Attached is a letter to City of Erie customers, beginning on Monday, November 3, 2014 and continuing through the last week in December. These revised bills are a result of the City of Erie and the Erie Water Works instituting a new procedure aimed at collecting delinquent garbage bills. This new process will combine a customer’s garbage bill with their sewer bill. Should this new bill have a delinquent balance those customers would be subject to Erie Water Works collection procedures. By the direction of the City of Erie all payments made on the sewer/garbage bills must be applied to garbage delinquencies first before any payment can be applied to sewer services. Customers carrying a delinquent balance on their sewer account could face water termination. This new billing procedure applies only to residents and businesses that receive garbage collection services from the City of Erie.

Download the letter: 2014-October-31-Notice-of-Change-in-Billing-Procedures