Comprehensive Water System Maintenance – 2017

Project Details

The Erie Water Works and its contractor, ValveTEK Utility Services, will be completing important maintenance work on its water mains, valves and fire hydrants within portions of the City of Erie and Millcreek Township. These operations are being performed in order to enhance the water system. Work will occur between April to September 2017.

The planned work will include water main valve maintenance, as well as fire hydrant maintenance, flushing and painting.  Though unlikely, some customers may experience some “cloudy” water.  While this water is not harmful, customers experiencing cloudy or discolored water should run their cold water faucets until it becomes clear before consuming or using for laundry as it may cause minor discoloration in clothing.  A slop sink, outside spigot, or bath tub are the best locations to run cold water faucets.

These efforts help EWW fulfill its mission, “To guarantee a continuous, uninterrupted, reasonably priced supply of quality water to its customers which assures public health while promoting regional stability and future development.”


Project Area Maps (Click the link to view the map)

Overall Project Area Map – This map displays the entire project area where water main Valve maintenance Fire Hydrant Maintenance and Flushing will occur.

Project Schedule

April to September 2017

Helpful Hints

If you experience cloudy or discolored water as a result of flushing:

  • Do not run your hot water during this time. Sediment released during the flushing process can accumulate in your hot water heater. If you experience discolored water from your hot water only, over several hours, then it is recommended that you drain and flush your hot water tank.
  • Run your cold water for 15 minutes. Typically the cold water will clear up in 15 minutes, though additional time may be necessary.
  • Do not do laundry. If you must do laundry, please be aware that clothes may get stained.  If this occurs, do not dry clothes.  Washing the clothes again typically removes stains.  To help remove stains, EWW will provide “Red-B-Gone” at no cost to you.  Red-B-Gone is available at EWW’s 340 West Bayfront Parkway Administration Building or at the 240 West 12th Street Distribution Building.


If your telephone number is unlisted or you do not have a landline:

Log on to to register your contact information with the Erie County Department of Public Safety.  This will allow you to receive other important emergency notifications.


Contact us

If you have any questions regarding this project, please call EWW’s Customer Service Department at (814) 870-8000, Ext. 71 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. If you have an emergency outside of normal business hours, please call EWW’s 24-hour emergency hotline at (814) 870-8087.