Geographic Information System (GIS)

About us:

Erie Water Works has been in operation since the late 1800’s. Intuitive records of water system assets, such as water main, fire hydrants, isolation valves and service lines were compiled over many decades. In 2007, those physical asset records in conjunction with GPS locating made way for the beginning of EWW’s digital Geographic Information System (GIS). In 2012, the Erie Water Works GIS was recognized as an “organization that set new precedents throughout the GIS community” by receiving the Special Achievements in GIS Award (SAG) from industry giant Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). Since it’s conception, the EWW GIS has grown more complex to meet our data analytic needs and allow for full enterprise asset management tracking. Currently, there are over 366,000 water assets tracked and maintained through the GIS. Below is a summary of the annual State Of The Data outlining all geospatial features and their attributes.

The GIS Team, a part of the Engineering Services Department:

Amanda L. Donegan, GISP
GIS Manager
ext. 241
Michael Dzurko
GIS Analyst
ext. 204
Jeff Granger
GIS Support Technician / Inspector
ext. 203
Camryn Mosley
GIS Support Technician / Inspector
ext. 201

For all GIS data requests please see EWW’s Right To Know page: