Our Water

The mission of the EWW is to guarantee a continuous, uninterrupted, reasonably priced supply of quality water to its customers, which assures public health while promoting stability and future development. We want you to know the EWW works continuously to improve the water treatment process. We are committed to ensuring the production and distribution of high quality water. The EWW raw water supply is obtained exclusively from Lake Erie. We are fortunate to operate two separate raw water intake lines that serve two complete water filtration plants and pumping stations. Both of these plants are directly connected to a complex and ever expanding network of distribution lines that supply high quality finished water to all of the EWW 52,000 customers.

The older of our two facilities, the Chestnut Water Treatment Plant, has an intake that is 60 inches in diameter and extends more than 17,500 feet into Lake Erie (more than 5,100 feet past Presque Isle), and terminates at an intake crib submerged under 25 feet of water. The Chestnut Water Treatment Plant is typically used only when routine maintenance is performed at the Sommerheim Water Treatment Plant; however, during the winter of 2007-2008 the Chestnut Water Treatment Plant supported our entire system as Sommerheim Water Treatment Plant received new pumps, and upgrades to the controls and electrical switchgear.

Our newer facility, the Richard S. Wasielewski Treatment Plant, has an intake line that is 72 inches in diameter and more than 8,700 feet in length. This line also extends into Lake Erie and terminates at another intake crib submerged under 25 feet of water.

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