2016 Water Quality Report (CCR – Consumer Confidence Report) is now available

Dear Valued Customers of the Erie Water Works:

Since assuming operation of Erie’s water system in 1992, the Erie Water Works (EWW) has invested more than $260 million to assure its customers receive the finest water service possible. 2016 marked the end of EWW’s 25th year of operation and easily its most successful. Several capital projects were completed including the installation of a new cover and liner at the Sigsbee Reservoir; new water main on East Lake Road and East 38th Street; and the upsizing of the water main along Wagner Avenue. Erie also had one of the mildest winters in its history which provided the foundation for low operating costs and strong water sales. There was a 26% reduction in water main breaks from 2015 to 2016, resulting in decreased lost water and service interruptions. This led to a reduction in expenses for repair materials and overtime costs.

2016 also marked the first year EWW received less than half its payments via the traditional “check in the mail” payment type. As customers continue to utilize electronic payment options, the EWW has made it as easy as possible for customers to pay their bills. EWW also added a new “pay by phone” payment method that has shown impressive usage.

Finally, a great deal has been written about the quality of municipal water service since the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Water produced by the Erie Water Works has no detect-able lead, but the water can pick up lead from water pipes, customer’s service lines, and even soldered joints in household plumbing. To protect against any lead or copper leaching into your water, ortho-poly phosphate is added to the water before it leaves the treatment plant. This food-grade additive creates a barrier inside the pipes to insulate the water from any contact with the pipe materials. Years of lead test results have proven this is the most effective way to protect the water from lead and copper contamination from the water treatment plant to your faucet!


Paul D. Vojtek

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Financial Officer
“World-Class Water, First-Class Service”

Download the 2016 Water Quality Report – Erie and Surrounding Communities report.
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